Patrício Faísca

Production Director
Fascinated by cinema, Patrício was 10 when he borrowed a video camera from his next door neighbour, in order to make a film with his friends. He never stopped making them ever since, always with his own means and continuously learning from his mistakes, with a dedication that enabled him to progress immensely by himself.

With an impressive practical experience and technical knowledge, Patrício is today an extremely versatile filmmaker, very resourceful in all areas of digital audiovisual production, with special emphasis for camera operation, editing and visual effects. He is also very ingenious when it comes to carpentry, electricity and mechanics and very organised and adaptive, qualities that make him an excellent producer.

To Patrício, nothing is impossible – actually, the greater the production challenges are, the greater is his enthusiasm for the project.

Sonat Duyar

Creative Director
Sonat studied Physics and engineering in university, but his interest in the arts followed him throughout all of his life, more specifically in literature, music and cinema.

He is a prolific and very creative writer, author of a large collection of award-winning works, between short stories, poems, articles and screenplays. Throughout the years he wrote for countless websites, blogs, publications and newsletters, both in Portuguese and in English. He also has professional experience in marketing and in translating/subtitling.

His writing skills were apparent since a very young age (he won his first literature award at the age of 10), as well as his inclination to manage teams and projects (he founded and edited a school newspaper and was a director for his university’s Physics association). A self-taught composer, he was also the creator of several soundtracks for short films.

Sonat was the marketing coordinator at London Film Academy before he started working full-time for New Light Pictures.

Pedro Marcos

Financial Director
Pedro has a degree in Civil Engineering, with a specialisation in building energy efficiency, and he is currently finishing a master’s degree in Building Construction.

A lover of aquatic sports, he created his first company at the age of 20, a Kitesurf school he managed in his free time, while he was still taking his degree. Later on, he became manager of a building company and he created a new business offering engineering services. Pedro is a rational entrepreneur, with great commercial vision and an extensive experience in business management.

His interest in audiovisual production and his conviction that it is a sector with great potential for expansion, allied with his confidence in the great personal and professional value of the New Light Pictures team, make him describe this partnership as an excellent opportunity for investment.


Patrício Faísca

Camera operator
Visual Effects

Sonat Duyar


Ana Grilo

Camera operator and Editor (2nd Unit)

Ana Madalena


Adriano Correia

Camera assistant

André Ferreira

Boom operator
Production assistant

Emanuel Lourenço


Fábio Filipe

Key grip
Lighting technician
Special effects

Jerson Martins

Camera operator

Nélson Mendonça

Assistant Director
Assistant Camera
Production Assistant

Richard Barros

Script supervisor

Rúben Botelho

Photography and Cinematography